What do I need to work as a rider?

  • a smartphone with an Internet data connection
  • the vehicle with which to make deliveries (bicycle, car, scooter, motorcycle)
  • a clean, comfortable outfit, suitable for the job
  • have a positive energy and be polite

How should I behave, and dress?

You are our direct connection with the partners and customers, and for this, you need to be extremely well prepared.

Furthermore, you are your own boss who wants the best possible rating from your interactions with customers. By respecting yourself, others will also respect you.

  • your attitude must be professional
  • the outfit must be clean, comfortable, and suitable for your job
  • your appearance must be neat, clean
  • being mostly a food delivery service, hygiene is something that is not negotiable (including the vehicle you deliver with)
  • the way you address should be polite, and kind (whether it is by phone, face-to-face, or chat)
  • without exception we salute, introduce ourselves, communicate, and say thank you
  • no voice is raised, and no inappropriate language is used

With which vehicle can I deliver orders?

You can make deliveries with whatever vehicle you have: bike, scooter, motorcycle, or your own car.

What is important, regardless of the vehicle you are using:

  • make sure that your means of transport is safe and compliant with applicable laws
  • keep it clean all the time, both inside and outside
  • wear appropriate protective equipment
  • participate in the traffic as carefully as possible; even if speed is an asset, on the road the most important is the safety of yourself and others

What do I need to know about the Tazz bag?

The Tazz Bag is your basic tool for transporting food in perfect conditions.

  • it is built of resistant and heat-insulating materials to maintain the optimal temperature
  • with the help of separators and extra pockets, you have the optimal transport option for pizza, but also for several bags with simultaneous orders

It is mandatory that during the rider job, a thermal bag should be used, in accordance with the legislation in force.

For more information about the Tazz bag watch this video:

Never put your Tazz bag on the floor

Cleaning procedure

1. Individual daily hygiene – mandatory

  • hygiene is done at least once a day (before entering the shift) or whenever necessary, in case of incidents or carrying foods with strong smells
  • both the outside, as well as the interior of the heat-insulating bag will be kept clean at all times and sanitized whenever necessary
  • hygiene and disinfection of the inside of the bag can be carried out by spraying on the inside and outside surfaces of an authorized cleaning product for disinfection of food/food transport equipment cooked; at the end, it will be wiped with lukewarm water and a disposable cloth or white paper roll

2. Assisted weekly hygiene – mandatory

  • it will be done at the headquarters of the cooperating agency
  • respect the recommendations for the arrangement of a special space, equipped with disinfectant solutions, sanitary spirit, wipes, sterile compresses, wipes, and gloves.


3. Specialized periodic hygiene – recommendation

  • specialized periodic hygiene of aerosolization/nebulization/vaporization type is carried out with a company accredited in this respect, with a frequency of common agreement agreed upon and registered according to the service contract

Can I also receive Tazz equipment?


Tazz partner riders with the best ratings are always the first to receive free Tazz equipment:

  • from t-shirts to caps
  • summer and winter jackets
  • protective helmets and other necessary accessories.