Safety first!

There are many challenges in traffic every day, and to make sure you are safe, keep in mind the following:

Comply with the road code and traffic rules

  • Even if you deliver by car, scooter, or bike, in traffic you must act as a responsible driver of the vehicle.
  • You must know and respect all signs and traffic rules: – ORD DE URGENTA (A) 195 12/12/2002 – Portal Legislativ (
  • Any vehicle that is driving on public roads must comply with the technical rules on road safety. It is also important to do regular checks both on your own and assisted by professionals.

Drive preventively

  • Anticipate traffic events, drive carefully and focused on the road
  • Keep a distance from the vehicle in front to be able to brake on time, in case he suddenly brakes.
  • Adapt the driving style to road conditions – in rain or snow conditions, reduce speed and increase the distance from the vehicle in front
  • Stay calm no matter what happens in traffic

Extra tips for cyclists:

  • Do not ride a bicycle on sidewalks to avoid possible collisions with pedestrians (especially those leaving homes and shops), but also the fines.
  • Be very careful if you overtake and keep your distance from other vehicles.
  • Drive carefully around parked cars because they can open doors at any time.
  • Use your gear lever to control your speed and try not to brake suddenly. to avoid possible slippage/loss of control.
  • Use as many hand gestures as possible when turning left or right.
  • Look over your shoulder if you’re not sure what’s behind you.

Wear the protective equipment correctly and check the vehicle regularly

Regardless of the vehicle you are driving, make sure you wear protective equipment:

  • mandatory safety belts in case you are driving a car
  • the helmet can save your life, in case you are driving a scooter or bicycle
  • special equipment and reflective elements (armrests, knees, vests, special jackets, etc.) help you to be more visible in traffic.

Check the vehicle before going on the road – brakes, lights, tires, air, oil, etc. Also, check the vehicle regularly also with the help of specialists.

Adapt to the weather conditions (rain, snow, heat)

  • reduce the speed and increase the distance from the vehicles ahead
  • always consider stopping and finding shelter if the rainfall is too strong, if it rains with hail or if a storm has started. Contact Chat support and provide information on unsafe situations.
  • avoid puddles – try to bypass them as much as possible or cross them at low speed.
  • especially if you’re on a scooter or bike, avoid metal, plastic, or wood covers that are slippery when wet. You should also avoid tram tracks, regardless of the season or weather. Also, be careful with painted road markings, which can be slippery when wet. Autumn and fallen leaves are a major danger.
  • wear suitable equipment for cold/weather-resistant temperatures – waterproof jackets, rain pants, gloves, face, and eye protection