What is rating?

Your rating is the mirror of your work. It indicates your performance with a score from 1 to 5.

  • 5 is the highest – a rating as close to 5 places you in the top of the riders and gives you access to additional benefits)
  • 1 is the lowest

At the time of employment, new riders start with an average rating of 3.5 in order to to have time to learn and clarify the issues that may arise.

The rating is updated every day, depending on your activity and specific indicators.

What are the rating indicators?

To use the rating in your favor, you need to know what are the 5 indicators that make up the final rating.

1. No show 

  • it is the ratio between the number of hours worked and those booked; when you book a time interval but do not start work, in other words you are absent, your rating is getting lower
  • it is worth 25% of the total rating, so it is very important to work the booked hours
  • the most benefits are given to riders who have the lowest no-show rate, meaning they are the colleagues you can rely on.


2. Peak Hours

  • represents the total number of hours worked in peak time intervals
  • the peak hours are: lunch 11-14 and dinner 18-21, which is when customers need food the most and our services are in high demand; they are basically the best moments with the biggest gains for riders
  • this indicator is also worth 25% of the total rating, so do your best to book hours, especially in these timeframes, and make sure you also respect them by being present


3. Orders Delivered

  • represents the total orders successfully delivered by a rider in the last 30 days
  • this indicator is worth 15% of the total rating, and for an extra tip make sure you always show professionalism
  • customers will appreciate it if you are kind and polite


4. Refusal percentage / declined orders

  • is the ratio between the number of orders you have refused and the number of orders you have been allocated in the app
  • this indicator is worth 20% of the total rating, so do not refuse orders unless there is a good reason

Your rating will not be affected if you refuse orders, as long as you contact chat support and they will reallocate that order – for example, it was an error and is far away from the partner, the quantity is too high, it is not ready at the restaurant, not in the store, etc.

On the third refusal order, you will be removed from the program for the rest of the day.


5. Customer rating

  • is the average of all assessments received from customers, based on stars from 1-5 awarded for professionalism, politeness, speed, and communication
  • some customers also add comments to these reviews
  • this indicator is worth 15% of the total rating

What do I do if I have a rating problem?

For any rating issue, please contact your employer or write us here – in the Rider section – Rating.