What is the Programmer?

The programmer is the section of the application where you make your own schedule. You can book the hours you want to work, one day in advance. You can also book hours for the same day, just make sure the time slots are available.

In addition, if you are a top rider, you can book hours with priority – make sure you can also select those time slots where revenue multiplies (with a high number of orders and higher revenue)

How do I select working hours?

Go to the “programmer” section of the app and select the hours for the next day, or even for the current day, if you are free.

  • the available time slots are those with +.
  • and the color grid at the top helps you easily navigate, add or delete hours depending on the schedule you want.

The app will notify you prior to starting your work schedule. You can mark yourself active in the interval: 10 minutes before – 10 minutes after the scheduled time.

Remember that the last time slot you book in the programmer is considered a time slot you work – meaning if you have selected for example 19:00 o’clock, you will be able to receive orders by 20:00.

What happens if I don’t work in the hours booked in the programmer?

In a team, it is vital that you can rely on your colleagues and they can rely on you. That is why it is important to book the hours you know you will honor.

If you do not work in the scheduled hours, your rating will be affected and you will have an increased percentage of No Show (or absences). Therefore, you may not qualify for performance bonuses or special ones on different occasions (Black Friday, holidays, special events, etc.).

Remember that most benefits are given to riders who have the lowest No Show rate.