Gains and payments

How much can I earn as a Tazz partner rider?

The earnings are directly proportional to the effort and the number of orders delivered.

There are also various bonuses and tips.

The components that make up the payment for each order delivered are The pick-up tariff, the delivery tariff, the fee per kilometer, as well as the multiplier.

Recommendations for improving earnings:

  • booking in the programmer of the peak hours (lunch-dinner)
  • positioning in central areas, and malls, where there are more partners and increased chances of orders
  • acceptance of all assigned orders
  • follow the pick-up/delivery steps
  • positive attitude and seriousness

What bonuses can Tazz’s partner riders get?

1. Bonus bad/hot weather

  • a bonus that is activated in difficult weather conditions
  • this type of bonus is announced in advance, as well as the conditions for granting

2. Special bonus on different occasions

  • Ex: Black Friday, special events, holidays, etc
  • this type of bonus is announced in advance, as well as the conditions for granting

3. Performance bonus

  • it is awarded according for a certain number of orders delivered in a week
  • this type of bonus is announced in advance, as well as the conditions for granting

4. Tips from customers

  • it is offered in the application and is received directly by riders

5. Awards for high-performance riders 

  • Top Riders Awards
  • equipment
  • invitations to events
  • devices and many other benefits

What payment methods are used to pay orders?

With each order, you will find information about the payment method you need to use when picking up products from the location.

It can be:

  • card
  • cash
  • or without payment

If the customer has selected the cash method, you will use money from the daily turnover fund and you will receive the money back from the customer once the order is delivered.

How to deposit money at SelfPay stations?

Now you can deposit the cash received from customer orders at SelfPay payment stations:

  • Choose the nearest SelfPay station – location of payment stations – SelfPay
  • Select “other services” from the main screen, Then press Tazz
  • Scan the barcode from the Xdelivery app or enter the rider code with the phone number you are registered with within the app.
  • Enter cash into the payment station
  • Ready, the money you deposit will be deducted from your cash balance in a few minutes

Don’t forget to keep the receipt.

What is the special card from Banca Transilvania and how to I use it?

The special Banca Transilvania card for Tazz partner riders is a benefit that helps you get more orders and makes your work easier, but it is also a responsibility. So, keep it with you all the time.

Exclude the risk of fraud by the fact that the balance will be 0, and when you want to make a payment, you only ask to unlock the amount related to the order, from the app.

Some partners accept payment by BT card, and when a customer places an order from these partners, you will be notified in the app.

If I have a problem with my payment or calculation, what should I do?

For any payment issue, please contact your employer or write us here – in the Rider section – Complaints.